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Ambition vs Reality, Which one should I prefer?

After I start my rat race life (get a job, work-earn money-spend money-work again-earn again-get bored-spend more-felt being underpaid-work harder-spend even harder-and…. I bet you can guess the next sequence…), I realize that there is something wrong with life.

Hell.. Life is not just for paying bills! It is more than that! It supposed to be meaningful. Meaningful enough to be remembered, by friends, family, surroundings, even me myself.

Duh. After all, you realize that you just live from bills to bills

I simply can’t believe this!

In a blog post I read a post from a man who just realized that his life is EMPTY.

There’s this. I don’t know the title so I’m just gonna write this way;

Story of Empty Life of A Man
He said that he is a good worker with bright career in his work, he earn a lot of money and able to buy anything he wants. Literally anything. And when he was about to spend, he thought hard about what he really wanted.

After a while, he was surprised that he had nothing that he wanted so bad. Not a fancy car, he is not a supercar fast-driver. Not fancy suits, the company had them for him for free. Not even holidays, he was always on business trips like 10 days every months and surely he visited lots of interesting places when he was in business trips. No, nothing.

Then he went home and met his wife. He was amazed that that’s his first talk with his wife after years! He was all wrapped with work everyday all this while, he went to work at 7 in the morning, got home at 7 p.m. and prepared for the next day. He only talked to his wife about foods that she cooked, about kids at school, pish-posh! He even forgot when did the last time he had sex with his wife! “Darn! Where have I been?” asked this man to himself.

He even barely knew his children and his wife cried a river, I mean really-really hard. She cried that the man she married twenty three years ago is no longer the same. He had been so charming, a loving husband, and hard worker. So hard that he care no more to her. She even cheating on him for 10 years and this man didn’t even care! That’s definitely wrong!

When your wife cheat on you and you just shake it off and carry on life as usual without hard feeling, no heart break.. That means something wrong with you, guys! That man has evolved to a money-maker machine, that’s all, no longer a human.

He sighed after taking a deep breath and went to a room where he placed his photos. He remembered in every detail of his youth. Once, he dated the most popular girl in school and he married her, gave him two children and things went dramatic at that time. He realized that he need to get a decent job so that his family can afford a good life, good education for his kids and money for his wife’s pedicure and manicure.

He still remembered that he had planned about world tour. He always wanted to travel around the world. He had been to New Zealand and Philippine and that’s all. He wanted to change the world into better place by spreading love for nature and invite everyone to do the same. But then, his little family changed him forever. He had dedicated his life to work so that he and his family won’t be hungry. What a great husband and responsible man indeed.

Definitely nothing is wrong about doing your responsibilities. That is good, you’ll be remembered as a good guy, family guy, responsible guy, and went to heaven. But something is wrong when at the end you feel empty and things got weird after you realized that you have wasted your life for something that you don’t really like.

I know people that have no hobbies AT ALL. No kidding, yes, they have no hobbies. They just live the life, being at a rat race, crawling all their way up in career they don’t really like but have no option, and die. But if you do have hobbies, or even ambition…please, do not forget it.

Even if you are busy, you need to strive spare your time for your happiness. Because being happy is a choice!

You mustn’t forget to be happy! 

Being happy is a choice. 

Do your responsibilities!be real. But never forget things that makes your life worth living



For me life is not just to live but to understand about things happen around us and live along in harmony. I like truth, funny things and conspiracy. I work in as a sourcing analyst and as a teacher in Ganesha Operation. I also trade Indonesian stocks.

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