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To Feel Beautiful is importantt

It doesn’t matter that you are physically truly beautiful or not, to feel beautiful is important for girls. When you feel beautiful, you are not afraid of what people think about you. You worry less, you listen less, because you are secured.

Confidence is expensive. Can only be gained by YOU. Only YOU. When people tell bad things about you, do you have the confidence to say NO? You should.

Why are you so ugly?

My boyfriend was afraid of your boobs! Way too large!

You are too thin! Only dogs after bones 

Can’t you see yourself? You are too fat! You’re going to die soon by heart attack! Stay away from us.. You are not cool


Well, I have words for you:



People can say ANYTHING to you, only if you allow yourself to agree then you lose.


You can choose between :

To Accept Yourself And Be Proud of Whatever Your Condition Now


To Change Yourself To Better Version of You 

I can say that whatever your decision is, You are right.

Please note that you should appreciate your hardwork. You can’t satisfy everybody and other’s standard is not obligation for yo to fulfill. You can change until people call you plastic and you still not satisfied enough. The boundaries are the secure feeling inside you so that you can enjoy yourself and you cherish every moment in your life.

To feel beautiful is important. You must allow yourself to cherish yourself. You hate certain things about you, your attitude or anything, please forgive yourself and look to the front not otherwise. You will grow into better you as time goes by. If anyone read this post and encouraged to share your stories, please do because I’d really like to listen.


Respect from me.


For me life is not just to live but to understand about things happen around us and live along in harmony. I like truth, funny things and conspiracy. I work in as a sourcing analyst and as a teacher in Ganesha Operation. I also trade Indonesian stocks.

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