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Dear LIFE, please be more exciting

This morning I woke up in a regret.

If I could go back to age 21, I would accept the GRO job on that hotel.

If I could go back to age 22, I would accept the job offered by Marga Tour as a tour guide.

I wish I could go back to the past.

But I can’t.

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I know that I can’t go back to the past, I should let it go but the effect that I experience today reminds me of what I choose as my life path today.

Today I’m just a boring teacher in Ganesha Operation. I feel like no going any further here so I try to go for the next round of my life.

Then I applied to and find it’s interesting. I work there as a freelance sourcer. I go deep dive the internet and find some information that people find it’s hard to do. I have gotten some dollars from that but then the competition began pushing hard and I hardly get a job there. I only get 5-10 jobs per 2 weeks. So far, I like my job as a sourcer.

Then I tried and wish I can spread my wings there. It requires me to have a website so I build this website as my journal to curate my feeling, my thoughts, experiences, and so on.

I am not that good in writing but I think I can learn.

The last thing is TRADING.

Ohh yes. I love Stocks

Reach me higher, higher..

I love how the price moves in the way I predicted earlier. I just love it. After years I learn how to trade, finally I know the secret.

I go for day trade, swing, and long term.

  • Swing is not only about identifying the lines that make the supports and resistances. It’s more of it. It’s more about predicting where the market goes fundamentally and adjust myself to the wave. It’s like combining between fundamental and technical which some people disagree. Oh, I don’t care as long as I make profit.
  • Day trade for me is more of the supply and demand power. I do tape reading analysis for that. Not very good at it but am on progress every time.
  • Long term investment for me is like finding a jewel that noone sees. It’s very fun when you find a stock that is too expensive but still worth it. and become more challenging if you find a stock that is too cheap, very cheap until you are afraid to put your money on it and then some days it goes up-up-up and boom! You haven’t had it and you regret it. It’s very fun.

Well, I really hope Travelista can hire me as a writer because I really want to be taught about some things that they promise to do.

I wish I need to take a trip too by writing as a travel blogger, I just don’t know where to start

After all, I regret of not doing some things but still cherish things today that I have in my life. Hope tomorrow will be better. and more exciting.


For me life is not just to live but to understand about things happen around us and live along in harmony. I like truth, funny things and conspiracy. I work in as a sourcing analyst and as a teacher in Ganesha Operation. I also trade Indonesian stocks.

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