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Money, I command you to start working for me!!

There’s a question on my Quora that quite disturb me, it says:

Why do people work for money instead of vice versa?

by someone who is underage in Quora and declare himself to not to be enslaved by money, Huft… At the end the rat race will entrap you just like what most people experience.

I was so itchy to not answered it. The term “money works for us” refers to the sum of money that multiplied by itself after we put it into strong growing financial instruments such as saving (that only add 1-3% per year, meh…), government bonds, stocks, or physical things like a modest apartment building with 20 rooms with a rent fee of $200/month per room.

and I said

Off course my honey-bunny-sweety… We all want to do that. Wait, I’ll shake my wand “Oh Moneeeeey, from now on you should start working for me!!!” I also will stop working for money after my bill paid by someone kindhearted.

by me, a very nice girl next door that you never notice

But then I received a reply!

Go get a husband!

by someone who is underage in Quora and declare himself to not to be enslaved by money, Huft… At the end the rat race will entrap you just like what most people experience.

Whaaaat? Damn! He hit me right 😦

To be said is easier than to be committed. Work for money? You mean work from 6 to 6? (you get set to work at 6 am and arrive at home at 6 pm) like everybody does? Well, that pays the bills at least. Humm.. What’s wrong with that?

Well, nothing is wrong with that moreover it’s very fine if you don’t go old, get sick or your condition change.

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I am trying to get money works for me, really. I put my money on stocks that dividends are good enough, around 5% or more per year. Well, the amount is not big but it will get bigger someday because I buy the stocks regularly.

My investment is not enough but soon it will be more than enough.

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Money diet program

I’m on the right track I guess. Yes…

Hope you guys are in the right track too, the track that leads you to financial freedom tomorrow when you are old enough when you are not as strong as today and have the least health to strive for money. When that time comes if you are strong financially you won’t be worried for your life and even can help the life of your kids.


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To Feel Beautiful is importantt

It doesn’t matter that you are physically truly beautiful or not, to feel beautiful is important for girls. When you feel beautiful, you are not afraid of what people think about you. You worry less, you listen less, because you are secured.

Confidence is expensive. Can only be gained by YOU. Only YOU. When people tell bad things about you, do you have the confidence to say NO? You should.

Why are you so ugly?

My boyfriend was afraid of your boobs! Way too large!

You are too thin! Only dogs after bones 

Can’t you see yourself? You are too fat! You’re going to die soon by heart attack! Stay away from us.. You are not cool


Well, I have words for you:



People can say ANYTHING to you, only if you allow yourself to agree then you lose.


You can choose between :

To Accept Yourself And Be Proud of Whatever Your Condition Now


To Change Yourself To Better Version of You 

I can say that whatever your decision is, You are right.

Please note that you should appreciate your hardwork. You can’t satisfy everybody and other’s standard is not obligation for yo to fulfill. You can change until people call you plastic and you still not satisfied enough. The boundaries are the secure feeling inside you so that you can enjoy yourself and you cherish every moment in your life.

To feel beautiful is important. You must allow yourself to cherish yourself. You hate certain things about you, your attitude or anything, please forgive yourself and look to the front not otherwise. You will grow into better you as time goes by. If anyone read this post and encouraged to share your stories, please do because I’d really like to listen.


Respect from me.