Must-visit Shopping Sites in London

Since I saw Bohemian Rhapsody and Christopher Robin at the cinema, I always dream myself going to London and went to pubs and go to countryside and pass the streets, check the castles, and shopping! Woohoo! Yes, shopping!

I am not a luxury shopper, just a value shopper but for some things I don’t really care about price. I love shopping and find rare and unique items. A friend of mine, Rina, says that I can visit her abandon house (what? abandon? A lonely ghost might already dwell in there! But that’s the interesting part! I wish I can have an adventure during my trip. Yaay!)

She says that if I go to London, I must visit these places:

  • Bicester Village
An elite shopping village in London

Rina says that it takes you one hour if you take the tube (the train) from London. This shopping complex has about 100+ branded outlet. There are Burberry, Coach, Celine, Gucci and many more. The discounts are crazy too! 60% off for several items, mostly are last season’s collections.. but if you a brand addict then visiting this village is a must. Well, I guess just doing window-shopping is also fun here 😀

  • Knightsbridge
Knightsbridge – What is this? Another elite shopping block?
Knightsbridge – Wait, there’s more

Knightsbridge is a posh area where biggest department stores in Europe located! Must be satisfying to see European interiors of the stores while shop one or two items there and eat in Harrods’ food hall!

All those munchies, snacks, breakfast, whatever you call it. Lemme taste them and decide Londoners’ tastebud if it meets mine. yum yum

Alcoholic Jelly? Really? What a good way to introduce alcohol to kids.

No, in my opinion you can’t let your kids tasting it and let them get used to the taste. Just no, but for me… Yass!! I’d love to try. Just one tiny bite won’t make you tipsy, eh?

Harrods Food Hall

How big Harrods Food Hall really is? If zombies ever dominate the world, I definitely can hide in Harrods Food Hall (wish the foods not rotten fast)

  • Camden

Vintage items are interesting! Camden area offers vintage things, souvenirs and many more! Humm… Something fits my pocket, finally!

presented to you, Camden!

The site says to come to Camden Market on Saturday 10th March, and every Saturday until 28th April, to get the best vintage clothing at this pop-up event. It’s free to get in and open from 10am – 6pm

This is healthy meal from Magic Falafal!

Well, you can die to cigarettes or burger, but this burger is healthy it says! Camden must be very interesting.

  • Spitalfields

Finally! Spitalfields!!! East London’s no. 1 market destination (as it identifies itself).

Guess what you can get here… Humm I wonder…

ain’t this cute? A finding in Spitalfields

Crescent with stones. I am glad if I can buy ton like this though I have had many already. Hehe